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Kicking the New Year off right, I’ve added an additional 20% to180 Degree Metabolism: The Smart Strategy for Fat Loss.? The addendum covers topics such as the role of stress in body fat accumulation, a discussion on types of exercise that encourage fat storage vs. the types that discourage fat storage, and more – including going over what I believe to be some mistakes made in the first version and what I now feel is more accurate.

If you’ve already purchased 180 Degree Metabolism or the full 180 Collectionwhich includes all 180 materials, the link you were sent will take you to the new version, which was updated?earlier today. Send me an e-mail at if you have misplaced this link and I’ll get it to you within a day or two (I’m traveling the rest of the?day today).

To purchase 180 Metabolism, go HERE and get the book along with the 6-hourweight loss?audio seminar that accompanies it – by itself or as part of the full 180 Collection which includes all 180DegreeHealth materials (180 Degree Digestion, 180 Degree Diabetes, 180 Kitchen, 180 Degree Metabolism, the audio seminar, and the back issues of the 180DegreeHealth Report).

Simply put, there is no better?collection of health information materials?on earth for establishing the right?relationship with food, health, and healthy practices that you may be looking for as you?get ready to set those dreadful “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Happy New Year everyone. May we all have a wonderful year full of fulfilling experiences – supported by a relaxed, enjoyable, and low maintenance attitude towards food and?a healthy lifestyle.