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Welcome the newest edition to the 180 team, the rabbit-riding ‘rangler, none other than Rob A. Rob will be helping out with the 180D?Facebook fan page, leaving some great content over there and helping to answer people’s questions. He’ll also be riding his giant rabbit across the internet to let people know about 180DegreeHealth. Bless him.

This should free up a lot of my time to work on more major projects and work with people individually. If you need to contact me, this is the new place to do that…

The official place to Contact Matt Stone

See you guys soon for a new post on Monday-ish.

Also, for any of you living in the Northeast California area, I will be appearing for a talk and workshop on June 23rd and 24th at the Greenlife Ecofest. Thanks to Victoria from Nourish Nutritional Therapy for landing me the gig. Hope to see some of you nerds there! If you can’t make it you can watch me battle John Robbins in a grueling armwrestling match on pay-per-view.