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How to Read a 180 eBook on your handheld eBook reader… Instructions provided by Danyelle…

If you have a Kindle (or Nook, or any e-reader that supports pdf files) it’s easy to read any of Matt’s 180 Degree books you may have on your computer. Just take your handy-dandy USB connector cord, connect up your Kindle to your computer, and make sure your computer recognizes the Kindle.

(I ran into a problem at this point, because we charge our cell phones from our USB drives on the front side of the CPU, and the computer would not recognize my Kindle as a piece of hardware to transfer files to – only as a device to be charged. So we plugged the cord into the USB drive on the back side of the CPU and it recognized the Kindle fine. Fortunately we have a monkey that does small, tight-space jobs like that. Who says kids can’t earn their keep?)

Now just open up the 180 Degree pdf file you want to transfer. Click on the little square button on the top toolbar that looks like a floppy disk. It will save the pdf to whatever location you would like – in this case, the document/book folder on your Kindle. If you don’t see the Kindle folder at first, just keep clicking the green “up arrow” button until you see a folder marked “external USB drive” and/or “Kindle.” Super easy.

The 180D and 180 Metabolism blogs are also now available on Kindle.

They are not free ($0.99 per month), as Amazon charges for this service, but you can subscribe and read all of your favorite 180 junk on an eBook reader. The links below should take you there if you are interested. Don’t be shy about writing a review of the blogs while you’re there!

180 Metabolism Blog?(The 180 weight loss blog which you can read HERE)

In other news, check? out this 180 Guest Article written on the process by which DIETING INCREASES BELLY FAT.

And let’s hear it for Danyelle! Whoopie! Yay! Hip-hip hooray! She does report that the font is a little small when reading it on the Kindle so if anyone has a solution for that (other than me having to reformat the books) please let me know.

Check out one of my eBooks Diet?Recovery about how to RAISE YOUR METABOLISM.