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Molly, a friend, and top Thai cooking student of mine has a whole brood of professional athlete offspring.  The kids were all coming into town to compete in the X games, and Molly REALLY wanted to make them some Massaman curry – 180-style.

I made her a monster batch of Massaman curry paste, gave her the remainder of my case of Chaokoh coconut milk (180-Approved loot), gave her some last minute tips about salting the crap out of it, and sent her on her way. 

“The kids loved it,” she said.  “They think I’m a rock star.” 

And since I am notorious for taking all the credit for everything that happens in this world while eagerly deflecting all traces of blame, I figured this was an excellent opportunity to show the athletic prowess that one can muster when fueled by Matt Stone’s Massaman curry.  Here is Peter Olenick, high on Massaman curry, taking Winter X gold.

To accomplish such feats of human athleticism, you will probably need to locate a time machine and begin skiing every day at the age of 3.  But that alone, won’t be enough.  You will probably need to follow these key steps as well: