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Howdy eatin’ fools!  I have just released a 6-part, 6-hour weight loss audio seminar to accompany the 180 Degree Metabolism eBook as well as the full, 180 Collection that includes all four 180 eBooks, the back issues of the 180DegreeHealth Report, and now the 180 Metabolism Weight Loss Audio Seminar.

The price of the audio seminar as a stand-alone product is $29.95.  However, if you have already purchased 180 Degree Metabolism by itself at $19.95 or the 180 Collection for $39.95, you can use a discount code to receive this new audio program for $19.95 instead of the full price.  Going by the honor system here (and yes, I could check if I really felt like it and subsequently pop a cap in you), the discount code for that $10 savings for prior purchasers is:


So add the Audio Seminar to your shopping cart, enter “180rules” press “Update Cart” and you should see the 10 bucks come off of the price.  Send me an email at if you have any issues.   

As always, if you have already purchased a 180 eBook by itself other than 180 Degree Metabolism, you can use the discount code “abab” as in “already bought a book” to apply that earlier purchase towards the full 180 Collection, which, like I said, now includes this really fun and interesting audio seminar.

Go HERE to begin downloading this audio series now.

Below is a teaser about the audio series as well as a sample of the type of content covered in one of the modules on Carbohydrates and the Low-Carb Diet Myths.  Note, the audio series is just audio, and is not narrated like the following video.  They are in MP3 file format for listening on your computer or ipod…

Click the following link to learn more about each module in the 180 Metabolism Weight Loss Audio Seminar…