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Hola amigos!  Tonight I will appearing on Underground Wellness on Blogtalk radio.  This is quite the happenin’ show, with a large audience who the host, Sean Croxton takes callers from n’ everything. 

The show goes from 5pm Pacific time to roughly 6:30.  It sounds like we’ll probably cover some of the central 180 topics and have a fun conversation.  I’m appearing on the show thanks to several 180 fans hounding Sean about getting me on the show – so thanks.  I owe ya. 

Anyway, I invite you to call in and add to the conversation.  I’d love to speak with some of the faithful live on the phone as well, so don’t hesitate.  I’d be honored to be called a douche, ripped a new one, or hear about some of the benefits you’ve derived from your 180 adventures.  It’s all fair game. 

The show is hosted at the following url:

Mr. Croxton and I actually share quite a bit in common.  When I saw my first UG Wellness video on youtube about a year ago I couldn’t believe my ears.  He was actually using the same line of argument in defense of dietary fat that I had used in an article called “Fatzilla.”  Anyway, this was my introduction to Sean – a likeable guy that is destined for great success  as a health advisor and “edutainer”…

Enjoy the show!