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It’s announcement time.  180 is going through changes.  First up is that the 180 Membership has undergone a radical facelift.  Instead of it being a super secret way to get access to podcasts and the monthly eZine, it is now like a special club of 180 O.G. Gangstaz that will always receive a special discounted price on all future 180 eBooks.  Sorry if you didn’t get in in time, but you original 180 members will forever be the ones I’m most indebted too.  You guys got 180DegreeHealth on its feet.  I’ll be sending you a message today with further details. 

If you ARE a member and have NOT been receiving direct e-mails, please send me an e-mail at to make sure you stay on the 180 Member list and receive future discount codes and free stuff. 

The discontinuation of the membership means a discontinuation of the eZine as well.  I enjoyed putting those together, but it has simply been too much of a time and effort hog.  I’d rather keep up with more blog posts, more eBooks, and other ways to communicate.  I’m also done with the podcast and will be doing videos, aka Vlogs from this point forward – which is something I hope to do more frequently than once per week as well (in honor of fallen soldier E. Zine).  I’ll try to always do a weekly round-up of 180 videos in a blog post, so this will continue to be the primary hub of all things 180.    

As for the latest updates on blog posts, videos, interviews, eBooks, and that kinda stuff – make sure, even if you are a member, to get on the new mailing list.  To do that all you have to do is enter you e-mail address in the form on the homepage.  CLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW.  There are still some kinks in the new system being worked out, so don’t be deterred by any glitches or oddities you come across.   

I also wanted to make sure everyone got the memo that the 180 Kitchen blog is super active right now too.  I just put up my 3rd post for the month and have several more in store, including this absolutely ridiculously good Beef Wellington that I made 2 nights ago which will be the grand finale for Mignon Man March.

Last but not least, here is a quick video explaining the shift away from the eZine:

And my very first Video Blog discussing Psychologist Seth Roberts’s theory of the weight set point:

More videos coming later this week, so heads up for those.  Thanks everybody.