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Hey everyone,

Yes, the blog is no more. As we wrote in the Facebook group, blogs are subject to confusion, especially with the many changes of orientation 180 has seen over the years.

Right now, half the people who visit the site each day are new. When they read that pizza and ice cream are good for you and don’t have the context to put that in, how many of them do you think stay? How many people do we lose because they write this crazy guy off, and as a result, they never learn enough to benefit from any insight here?

I get emails all the time from people who point out old articles and don’t know how to reconcile it with the newer material, and it’s a lot of work to orient each person. They don’t necessarily know where to start or what to make of the material on site.

The idea here is to get everyone on the same page, literally, and consolidate the best of the material, the most persistent and useful info, all the key posts and points, without old left behind ideas clouding the helpful information.

Now everyone will get a full course, basically, in the 180D approach. You get information sequentially in a way that builds upon itself but doesn’t require you to go back to the very start of the archives in 2006 and filter out the abandoned information, and grapple with excess cognitive dissonance.

As time has gone on, the importance of the basics has really come to the fore, and we can present that in detail. Basic ideas like attention to your food and fluid patterns, and avoiding extreme regiments, and cultivating mindfulness and instinctual choices can be given the attention they need, while diversions like carb cycling or fructose avoidance or maximum nutrient partitioning are not emphasized.

The goal continues to be to make this information as usefully available as possible, and keyword here is *usefully.* Having a hundred different ways for people to discount what’s written here (even if it was just a part of a long-standing investigative exploration and was later abandoned), does not accomplish that. Streamlining things so people know what we’re about does.

There were other ancillary site related reasons, such as the fact that too many comments allegedly shut the place down a week or two back. We lost the old comment structure and the replacement was not as simple to use, and there wasn’t much we could do about it according to our web developer. Coupled with all of the above reasons, extracting the best material and providing the right framework for it to actually be helpful and useful for readers led to this decision.

Hopefully you see a bit more what we’re trying to accomplish here, and we’ll do our best to make this next phase fun for everyone.