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Change always comes with a period of disruption. Sorry everyone.

Here’s the thing: the blog represented the period of active investigation that was ongoing for years. That has been winding down for some time, as some commenters have pointed out, and even Matt has in some of his posts and guest posts (such as ‘Nutrition in Three Words’) said as much. There’s an infinite number of things to say on the topics covered here, but most of them are not all that helpful and can be distilled to a much smaller, more focused set of ideas. That’s what this is about.

You guys don’t see how much goes on in the back end replying to people’s questions and comments and trying to get everyone on the same page. And still it doesn’t always work because there’s confusing material out there and many people end up never bothering to read more as a result

Not everyone has time to scour the archives and see the seven year evolution. By paring things down, we can offer the best stuff that Matt can stand behind and feel confident in. You still get Matt’s writing and his insight, but we get to offer it with the benefit of some hindsight. And a clean slate allows us to build from the start rather than go through hundreds of old posts and attempt to remove incongruences and bring them up to date.

EDIT: Also, for those of you who follow 180, you can get all the material that Matt stands by for FREE. We just will now be able to avoid hosting stuff that no longer makes sense. Newbies will know where we’re coming from and know where to start and regulars continue to get free material, and can continue to share and communicate here on the forums.

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  • This reply was modified 10 years, 6 months ago by Rob.