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@David199 I’m sorry the honey isnt a fix-all for you but glad you’re seeing some positive results with it.:)
Are you having problems with getting to sleep or staying asleep/waking up? I seem to wake up usually to pee when I had starch which usually means imbalanced blood sugar during the day….even though I myself migth not experience it. (I say ‘migth’ because I’d probably been living so long with certain stuff that it’s actually normal to me….and I get quite scared/anxious when I don’t experience certain negative things…how backwards is that?!)

I agree with you&the author that there is no place in a regular diet for HFCS and white sugar. However I personally don’t think Maple Syrup,raw cane sugar,palm sugar,molasses etc. is bas as well. Especially molasses is a very mineral-rich source.

As for the sugar/fructose quantity being a burden on the liver I’m not out of that yet especially when combined with (Sat.)Fats other than some coconut oil….as I experience some dubious things sometimes which can be caused by a lot of things. However I also seem to notice when I’m completely off-starch I sleep through the nigth,usually no constant waking to pee and a more sound sleep in general.