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Matt Stone

@Crinkly. Each person who subscribes gets the same articles in the same order with the same spacing starting from the beginning. The series looks like it will be 70-parts long and last for an entire year. For free of course. So each subscriber gets a year of 180 School.

The newsletter will be great. Much better than the blog posts.

All new books will be released for free.

AS far as the video vs. text, we’ll be testing lots of things. Videos traditionally work better, especially long videos, which is why they are used so often. A person has to have a pretty compelling reason to give away their email address, and that’s hard to create in a few paragraphs and even harder to create in a 2-minute video.

Obviously we want as many people to get the information as possible, and get it in a way that is more effective. Most will not subscribe. But currently the site has had millions of visitors and the loyal followership is small. While the blog was certainly cool, it was an abysmal failure in terms of its ability to deliver information to its visitors, particularly new visitors that couldn’t see the build-up to what eventually became totally reasonable conclusions (that seem extreme and fraudulent to those with other nutritional conditioning from other philosophies).

Anyway, I appreciate everyone’s love for the blog. But it’s not like things have died. They have just shifted, and shifted for the better. I learned many things in the last 7 years of blogging. One is that blogging is a very inefficient means of communication.

And you’ve still got the forum to do all the chatting and socializing and posting that you desire.