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I think for me the waking up to pee,*migth* have to do with blood sugar imbalances and liver detoxing problems.
Anyway,when I eat sugars I have such a steady sleeping pattern that I can’t even recall ever having had that…..maybe when I was very young and instinctively favored more Peatish foods even though eating starch.
Usually about 5 to 6hours after dinner I get sleepy,go to bed and then lay my head down,close my eyes and when I open them it’s morning! I set my alarm just in case,but I usually wake naturally around the time I set the alarm which is always 7hours later from when I went to bed. It feels like I’m almost in this deep coma-like sleep,whereas when I ate starch/pizza I toss&turn more during the nigth wake couple of times to pee and generally feel I’m in a ligther sleeping mode.
I have no idea if it’s purely the starch,the liver being overburdened or something else like the rigth mineral balance and a higher calcium to phosphorus ratio…..
I think Peat migth have a truth there regarding the higher calcium to phosphorus ratio,but I do think it misses the fact that you need to balance higher calcium with adequate magnesium.

I guess it depends on what you regard as refined sugars…for me personally refined means that it’s totally stripped of off nutrients like white sugar,so for me molasses,maple syrup,palm sugar are equal to fruits&honey.:) Many generations have had positive health benefits from it.

It’s true that good sleep is key. I don’t even think the amount of hours matter,but the importance is that it’s a restful restorative sleep. But it seems that food&good sleep are correlated….at least in my case.

I can’t explain why this migth be,but yesterday I stumbled upon an article on diet and Ankylosing Spondylitus in which many people had succes with a starchfree diet. Although they probably don’t know Peat,it has some similarities and patients seem to fare well on it. I don’t have AS,but years ago was diagnosed with MS (which I don’t believe in). My theiry is that starches are all higher phosphorus to calcium and they,especially all grains,can be inflammatory and downregulate thyroid function.