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Years ago I was diagnosed as having MS too,however I dont believe in auto-immune diseases….as in there’s something wrong&inflammatory in the body. I think in my case it was Lyme’s disease,however it could have possibly left it’s damages inside.

By my own experience,it *seems* like there’s something to certain of Ray Peat’s theories though I find a large part of the Peat community way too dogmatic and the ‘strict Peat diet’ protocol (as in mainly milk&OJ) not helpful. I think the higher calcium to phosphorus ratio migth be of importance for relief of jointpains amongst some others…that’s probably why lots of MS patients feel better avoiding gluten,because it takes out a large part of grains and thus high phosphorus-low calcium source. But it turns out all starchsources are way higher in phosphorus than calcium. The difference between Ca:ph in fruits&non-starchy veggies is much lower and sometimes calcium is even higher.
The important factor that gets overlooked often is that with higher calcium you must make sure you also get adequate higher magnesium and supplement with Vit.D if you don’t live in an allyear round sunny area.

Coincidentally,a couple of days ago I saw many Ankylosing Spondylitis patients have succes with a no-starch diet….this diet shows some main guideline semblances with a Peat-inspired framework….as in living off sugars,fats mostly saturated and protein. The only difference is that there’s no talk about PUFA avoidance from fatty fish,pig,chicken,apart from veggie oils&margarine&most nuts with the exception of a few,and they do allow for non-starchy above ground vegetables.
But from what I’ve read it’s really strict as in that certain vegetables can (still) contain starch either when cooked or eaten raw. But it’s interesting that many joint/muscle-ache diseases in large part boil down to the same dietary regiments.