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@David I knew that you,even though you mean well,and in a matter of time others suggest ‘seeking help’ which usually means therapy or whatever,but it wouldn’t work because it doesn’t get rid of the unemployment&finance situation and thats basically is what after years now has completely worn me out. I want to go ahead in life again and not in the same constant circle which will only get harder to break out off everyday because I’m getting older by the day,which means my chances slimming by the day.
I’ve never had dreams/wishes to get married,have children etc. so that’s not a goal either to work for. I’m just being realistic here,if I can’t get on with life and just have to repeat the same day all over there’s no need for me anymore to go on,see the point of living on.
Yes,there’s the argument of ‘what about others who care for you’….well,they don’t have to live my existence and I’ve always cared for others put their needs first and so now that I want to do and live for myself for once I get cockblocked by all kinds of laws,financial issues etc.