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That’s what I’m trying to make clear…..I am not depressed! I have no life traumatic emotional issues to be depressed about,in this case it’s purely a practical thing.What’s the point of reliving everyday…life is meant to live,not to repeat over&over.
Ironically my sister went to a psychic a while ago and for some reason she told my sister I would die over 2months… sister&mom were shocked but honestly I couldn’t care less if it were to be true….as a child I always had this feeling I would never grow old,so who knows….

Yes,I’ve probably did every therapy out there in the past for several reasons back then….only to find out,that there is actually nothing wrong with me and shrinks would like you to believe so by labelling you.

It’s not in my head and I’m not depressed…..I’m just being realistic&hones here about the fact that I don’t care anymore if I’d cease to exist.