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To be honest I have not been taking my temps because I keep forgetting to keep track. I did take it today after lunch & it registered 98.0. Not great, but even after eating especially warming meals the best I would get was 98.2-98.4. Only once in a blue moon would I hit 99 so I decided to be happy if it is at least 98.0.

As for the fermenting I just got that idea recently. I like doing it for my family and try to keep something on hand at all times. I have made friends with some of the farmers at the farmers’ market. A couple years ago one of them gave me deals on the eggs, pretty much letting me pay what I wanted instead of what he charged everyone else so I gave him a jar of homemade fermented sauerkraut. This past summer I was able to barter some with another farmer. He was very interested in fermented foods. I gave him some extra water kefir grains for eggs and another time I gave him a fermented veggie for soup bones. All summer long I wished I could grow a bountiful garden & be able to share it with others. So that’s how that idea came to me about selling fermented veggies. Who knows if it will come about.