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Steven e

For some reason the forums haven’t really taken off. The blog comments were very lively and directly stimulated by ideas and information in posts that sparked debate and interaction. It might be worth considering how to make the forum more dynamic like that. I think that really did create the community feel that people liked, and being able to interact with Matt and other authors makes them seem like real people.

I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold, and to getting a more organized version of 180D philosophies and ideas delivered to my doorstep. 180D radio sounds potentially awesome.

I’m sure there is a reason for the way you did everything, but I thought maybe a few of the awesome pictures that have been created on here, like the guy with the pea on a plate and the personal trainer yelling at the girl could be popped into the video here and there for a couple seconds to spice things up, keep attention and convey some of the valuable humor that I think people have always really responded to here.