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I’m glad to hear the male perspective on this! In my twenties I was a dancer in full orthorexia mode weighing around 100lbs (I’m 5’6). I was just running on stress hormones and caffeine LOL I would get home and crash in bed for 10+ hours until I needed to be at a class or rehearsal again.

I met my husband back then and he was the first person to tell me that my thinness was unhealthy and unattractive. He was like “I don’t date skinny girls, here have some cookies”

He spent our first months together giving me extra food at every opportunity and eventually weight stabilized at 130lbs, I felt and looked much better.

I did slip back into orthorexic habits for the next 10 years sadly, but if I start getting too thin, my husband starts the whole “here, have some cookies” thing again :D