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I was too. After my low carb stint I would only consume sugar in the form of whole fruits, however, it felt too restrictive (and hard on my wallet!) and I remember the first time refined sugar touched my lips in 6 months… a chocolate mousse cake at my favorite restaurant. It felt so liberating and stimulating. I felt so rebellious, excited, my adrenaline was soaring (funny that, it hasn’t budged in months).

Low carb actually induced a dairy intolerance for me. I don’t know why, I was consuming it almost daily. Now I can’t handle too much lactose, particularly low-fat dairy products. Matt Stone emphasises the “healing process” and advises you continue consuming foods you may be intolerant to, with your symptoms improving over time, as your body adapts. However, I have read experiences that are quite the contrast. I recommend you continue consuming dairy and evaluate your symptoms after a few weeks.