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@Cindy01 Yes I’ve done that,eating starch with sugar(the ultimate source being Plantain) and digestive wise it isn’t such a problem. It’s just very contradictive because it makes me feel warm but I’m guessing it migth be a stressresponse warmth along with some other negative stuff that I now noticed disappeared when eating no starch(deep restful sleep with no waking up to pee and usually a steady 7hours,better cognitive function&heigthened intuition,no peeing my pants all of a sudden,from what it seems better nutrient uptake).
A week ago I loved eating roasted carrots and sauteed onions but it seems I even get turned off by that minimal amount of starch. It’s like I’m intuitively being guided towards pure natural sugarsources and some/various sources animal protein.And I have no idea if that’s a good thing….the people at sexfoodandkettlebells certainly seem to enjoy it!
It’s just hard to come up with what to eat sometimes.

A couple of days ago I accidentally came across a site for a no-starch diet against AS,now I don’t have AS but was diagnosed with MS several years ago. I never thougth much about it,always figured it was the Lyme mascarading as MS…but after reading some stuff on AS and why the no starch-diet works for many patients,I’m pondering if I migth cary that same gene too as it’s also commonly found in MS patients. Apparently the starch causes the immune-system to go into overdrive and it’s also correlated to some gut-bacteria(Klebsiella?) that feeds on starch which is again stress for the immune system.

It’s hard to trust if something has got starch in it as labels and these online foodtrackers all hand out different data and even the cooking process can alter starch&sugar content of foods versus raw. I know you can do the iodine test,but that’s a bit backwards imho….when you’ve prepared a dish and test it and turns out it has starch,you don’t have anything to eat!

Btw,have you ever baked with coconutflour? Do you perhaps know if you can substitute eggs for buttermilk or yoghurt in a recipe because I can’t get goodsourced eggs.