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I was low carb for six months –

Breakfast: Four-five egg omelette fried in butter, cheese and heavy cream. Tasted good but nothing beats an omelette with a piece of toast… man I was missing out! It tasted so bland. Served with green beans.

Lunch: Probably some cheese snacks. A piece of fruit. Raw veggies.

Dinner: Four steaks or other large portion of meat with green beans, asparagus and a cup of tea.

I was so frustrated and hungry, constantly. I craved white rice. I resisted raiding my fridge with all the fruit in there that was suppose to last me for the next few days as I was only limited to a handful portion.

I felt dead, literally. So tired, hypoglycemic, no motivation or interest, lack of productivity, brain fog, anxious. Any negative mental symptom you can envision I suffered with. Sex drive and stamina? Did not exist. In fact my libido was so low nothing interested me.


Breakfast – Fruit juice, a lot of whole fruits, an omelette with an actual piece of toast! Sometimes a bowl of cereal.

Lunch – Maybe some hard candy, some more fruit, a cookie, anything yummy.

Dinner – A steak with green beans (reminiscent of my low carb days, but still love it), a portion of white rice or peas, corn, potatoes. Finished off with more fruit!

My sugar intake is quite high. This is a more Ray Peat inspired diet. Because of my low carb-induced insulin resistance symptoms I have had to somewhat eliminate starch to avoid a large insulin surge. My diet was more diverse before.

I’m still working on my overall mental acuity and clarity. I still don’t feel as good as I did prior to low carb and unfortunately I’m still unproductive, a little slow and unresponsive. However, compared to the hell my low carb experience was, I’ll take it. It feels liberating.