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I don’t want to get into the whole HCG thing, but it’s not as extreme as most people think… I recommend people read the free PDF manuscript along with Robin Phipps Woodalls book Weightloss Apocalypse… To be honest, this will be controversial I’m sure, I may use it again in the future to get my weight off (I’m 5’4″ & 256 lbs) once I’m maintaining a higher temp consistently and have resolved my hormone and metabolism issues if the weight doesn’t naturally melt off…

I took my temp this morning and yesterday morning and they were 96 & 95 point something degrees F respectively. On top of that, I’m currently ovulating, so that’s my peak temp in a month… Not great, right?

I’ve never eaten breakfast, always been a coffee only person (I have one cup a day) till around lunch time (sometimes as late as 4 PM) so I’m trying to get in the habit of eating within an hour of waking as a start. Today I slept in late, ate “breakfast” at 11:30 AM, then was in a staff meeting till 4:30 PM, had to go in to my other job till 5:30, so didn’t get to eat my second meal of the day till around 6 PM. I have been in the habit of eating intuitively for many years now, so eating semi-regularly is going to be my biggest challenge. I don’t have much of a appetite at all and hate that “full” feeling.

My other issue is chronic insomnia. I’ve dealt with this issue since my teens. I have a hard time falling asleep due to racing thoughts. Just in the last year I’ve found that listening to audio books helps me fall asleep, but I’m so accustomed to going to bed super late that I’m still chronically sleep deprived.

The interesting part of this is that my naturally slim husband has a fast metabolism and stays slim without any effort. His natural personal habits include eating a large breakfast, eating frequently, eating till he’s full, and going to bed early to get a good night’s sleep. I keep joking that I just need to shadow his every move from now on… eat when he eats, sleep when he sleeps…