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Hi, I’m Dylan, new to the whole “body temp” metabolism idea. I’ll tell ya, it’s the first time I’ve read anything that speaks to what I’ve gone through. I’m even over on the Burn Fat, Feed Muscle forum and it sounds like everything I’ve tried before. There are folks there that are struggling and the forum advice is to “work harder at doing it better.”

I have skepticism about the solution here though, regarding overcoming food sensitivities (really? Is it possible? Do I WANT to eat those foods anymore anyway with the way our food production is: GMO’s, Pesticides, etc) and I prefer eating healthy, nutrient dense foods…it seems like it’d be hard to raise my metabolism and eat enough on the healthier options though…is there anyone here doing that?

I also don’t want to gain MORE fat before losing it again…how often does it happen that folks gain more than ten pounds of fat in the process of healing? It’s not just about body image, it’s about how I feel, trusting that the process is working, having to buy new clothes on a very tight budget…

Anyway, I have questions. Meanwhile, as a paleo-die-hard with a big belly, I’m enjoying my cream and cereal and pizza these days. :)