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Ok, well I’ve only been eating “whatever-the-heck-I-want” for a few days, but was eating adapted paleo before.


Breakfast – 2-3 eggs fried in coconut oil, banana with almond butter or sweet potato slathered in ghee


Quinoa cereal: Boiled quinoa with sliced banana, walnuts, maple syrup added and cooked with it, served with almond milk

Lunch – large salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, grilled meat of some sort (chicken thigh, lamb, beef…)

Dinner – often same as lunch, maybe cooked veggie instead, or a stew with potatoes and carrots.

I have gained body fat and lost muscle (I do the CrossFit, so this was quite a startling development and sent me into despair and a search for WTFISWRONGWITHME. Found Matt.)

So the last few days (FYI, so you get the significance, I’ve been limited dairy for 25 years after identifying a sensitivity to casein, it makes me phlegmy and limiting wheat/gluten for almost as long because of a leaky gut identified way back when, and recently developing joint/tendon pain when I eat grains…)

Last Two Days:

Breakfast: Cereal with whole milk (organic)
Secondsies: Oatmeal with half and half, maple syrup, eggs fried in butter (grass-fed, I’m only willing to lower quality of my food to a certain extent! LOL )

Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich with whole grain WHEAT bread (and no symptoms!! WTF??) And that’s all, I’m out of food and I think part of me rebelling against anything naturally green…lol

Dinner: Pizza. PIZZA!!! Oh, and fireball…

Also, I’m not hydrating as much. Noticing how nice it is not to run to the bathroom every hour or more.

Not noticing a lot of change at this point, except in feeling a combination of freedom and fear. Heh.