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The Real Amy

Yes, I have mild rosacea, which I managed to get rid of for years, then it came back and now it seems under control again. Here are my best recommendations:

1) Chlorella (just make sure you get a good source without contaminants)

2) Probiotics do help, and if really bad, a course of antibiotics followed immediately by probiotics might be worth a shot. I’ve never tried HCI but prob. worth a shot. Some people swear by apple cider vinegar.

3) Sleep – seriously important

4) Borax applied topically – can help, esp. if yours comes from mites (rosacea can be caused by either mites or sensitivity issues)

5) Stay away from all harsh products. Use very gentle skincare products, as natural as possible. Stuff with aloe can help. Some oils can cause issues, but I’ve found some oils (like neem) to be very helpful.

6) Good, balanced and pretty clean diet. Some people say white sugar is a problem, I don’t really know, but I know eating good veggies and fruits and a balanced diet overall helps.

7) Generally, improving your immune system, gut flora and overall wellness will help.