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Temp this am on rising 98.3.

Agree per Matt’s info, it should not matter what we eat, jacked up metabolism is what impacts food tolerances. I have some of those and perhaps eat right for your type explains some of it, perhaps Matt’s info does…time will tell.

I will try to track my temps before I eat and on rising each day. How Close or far away from the 98.6 suggests mild, moderate, severe metabolism issues.

I am actually going to shift some of my training to follow MAXercise principles.

I know I have a jacked up metabolism somehow, Matt’s list of symptoms gets some yes’ from me. I think, the more I read his stuff, it’s stress related. Working notes, jacked up sleep patterns, jacked up eating patterns, pretty heavy in omega 6’s etc etc.

A lot of what I have read of Matt’s I was getting to the same conclusion, just wasn’t sure of where to go. I think I will find A lot of knowledge gap fillers with his readings.

I’m excited to see where it ends.