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I’m doing good so far, thanks for asking. :) My temp was up over 97 after my meals today, which is an improvement, but my morning temps are still just over 96. I’m only on day 4 or so though, so I know it’ll take time… I struggle to eat first thing in the morning, never been one to eat in the morning my entire life so that’s hard for me. I also have a hard time falling asleep, so the sleeping piece is also challenging for me. Hoping those happen naturally as I go. :)

Here’s my rather long and involved dieting “history”…

Age 12 & 13, had a big growth spurt, onset of puberty, went from 85 lbs to 130 lbs (and 4’10 or so to 5’4”) in one year. Mom freaked out… I’d always been a petite tiny kid and suddenly I had DD boobs and was very “womanly” shaped… She put me on weight watchers. I started sneaking food cause I was hungry all the time. Never really lost any weight cause I was only following WW when mom was watching me at meal times. PCOS symptoms began, lots of allergy flareups.

Age 14 to 16, gained about 20 lbs and was feeling REALLY fat. Went on a strict 1200 calorie diet comprised of mostly apples & diet coke. Got down to 125 lbs.

Age 17 to 18, slowly loosened up a bit on my restrictive diet and had a few secret binges… was 140 lbs when I graduated high school and remember feeling like a huge fatso.

Age 19 to 21, went to college, living on my own, eating lots more fast food and junk, did a few short-lived diets, mostly weight watchers, slowly crept up to 199 lbs. Went on the Protein Power Plan and in one month got down to 175 lbs.

Age 22, my mom died of cancer (she was only 47), dropped out of college, very stressful year, got engaged at 185 lbs and quickly gained up to 210 lbs in 6 months.

Age 23 to 25, moved across the continent to be with my husband, trapped in a verbally & physically abusive marriage, extremely unhappy, binged and extreme dieted (weight watchers), weight stayed in the 210-230 lb range.

Age 26 to 29, moved back to hometown with husband, got pregnant, husband left me when I was 3 months pregnant, gained 17 lbs up to 247 lbs during pregnancy, very stressful year. After baby born lost 25 lbs immediately, reconciled with husband, moved back across the continent, abuse resumed, binge eating and extreme dieting (tried slim fast, weight watchers)

Age 30, left husband for good, moved closer to my family, got divorced, binge eating and extreme dieting at it’s worst ever (LA weight loss, weight watchers), got down to 210 lbs, did somatic experiencing therapy to deal with trauma, discovered intuitive eating, started switching from a standard American diet of junk food to organic whole foods, stopped binge eating completely

Age 31 to 34, vegetarian, got remarried, moved to a gulf island, opened a business, bought a house, son adopted by husband, very happy… started trying to get pregnant with no luck, fertility specialist put me on metformin, gained 50 lbs to 280 lbs

Age 35 to 37, did a 5 month candida cleanse and lost 25 lbs, discovered I’m allergic to a number of foods, completely eliminated allergens, preservatives & artificial sweeteners, eating a primarily organic whole foods diet, got pregnant, miscarried at 12 weeks, hemorrhaged and had to have emerg surgery, very ill and difficulty recovering, can’t lose weight, discovered HCG, started eating meat again, lost 45 lbs, very traumatic death in the family, stress eating and regained 30 lbs, did multiple rounds of HCG, good success losing weight but lots of fatigue, headaches, and roller coaster hormones, emotions very erratic, extreme cravings.