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neeny meeny

Thanks for your reply Hannah. I started refeeding about a month ago after breastfeeding for 3 months with no problems. My diet was quite (self) restricted and driving me (and everyone else) a bit crazy, so when I started refeeding I threw all my rules out the window and enjoyed a lot of ice-cream (and lots of other things)!

My excerise has been gradually increasing since giving birth, from gentle walking to resuming most of the housework and a postnatal exercise class. I only do what I feel I can. I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on following body cues for exercise and fluids, but have been pretty messed up food wise for a long time.

It has been awesome just eating freely and I’ve continued to see improvements, particularly in mood and bowel function. I went 11 hours without getting up to pee last night, even with frequent waking for baby’s feeds. But I still have low temperatures, as low as 34.5C or 94F this morning and am still losing a lot of hair.

I’m still managing with the breastfeeding. I think that now that bub is 4 months he is easily distracted and fussy at the breast anyway. Slow let down can still be a problem, but I’ve been managing it by taking him away from the breast when he gets distressed and cuddling/playing/napping with him until we’re both more relaxed.

Hopefully I’ll see improvements in temps, hair loss and let down reflex as time goes by. The other improvements have been encouraging and it’s so nice not to have to worry about food so much anymore!

Re thyroid problems, I developed goiter years ago, low iodine levels, felt like I was going to die, and still had normal thyroid blood test results. Resolved quickly after avoiding fluoridated water and felt better than ever, but then my health slid again after moving to another country and I wasn’t at my best when I fell pregnant. Just been trying to manage since then.