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Hi Islandsneezer

Really like the vlog, it is very nice to actually see and hear someone’s experiences and look forward to seeing more of your videos!

I’ve been doing RRARF for a month now, however, only the first 10 days I would say I was “aggressively” refeeding, I was PMSing and being really aggressive with the refeeding helped a lot (I ate lots of extra gluten free toast, fruit smoothies, coconut oil and coconut) as well as getting at least 9 hours of sleep. I only had one irritable day when I didn’t get the chance to eat really fully, I was tired too and just wanted to sleep all day but had a lot of work to do. After TOM my stomach felt a bit sensitive and I only felt able to eat to appetite (which was a bit low), I ate more sweet things (honey, fruit smoothies, marmalade) as a way of getting in calories without bulk.

The funny thing is that since starting RRARF I hardly ever crave protein foods or vegetables. I’m not too worried, I guess my body knows what it wants. I was restricting carbs before and filling up with protein and vegetables so I think my body is trying re-balance.