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I’ve only been doing this for a week, but the change in diet is quite substantial.

Breakfast – coffee with half & half

1st meal usually as late as 2-4 PM – a big salad with meat, cheese, creamy dressing

2nd meal, usually around 8-9 PM – large serving of meat with non starchy veggies, an apple or mandarin

8-10 cups water, loads of herbal tea, club soda with lemon & stevia

Felt cranky, tired, hormonal roller coaster, peeing every 30 minutes, heartburn and indigestion now and then, alternate between constipated and diarrhea, warm during the day but FREEZING at night.

NOW, the last week:

Breakfast (within an hour of waking) – coffee with half & half, added toasted gluten free bagel with butter, cheese, bacon or egg fried in butter

Lunch (mid-day) – same as before with added starch like basmati rice, brown rice pasta, corn tortillas, etc…

Dinner around 6-7 PM – same as before with added starchy veggies and rice/pasta into my diet.

Added sugary snacks like chocolate, small mug of ice cream before bed with a drizzle of Bailey’s, regular Dr. Pepper a couple times a day… cut back on water, drinking to thirst…

A week in, more tired now, falling asleep easier and earlier at night the last two nights (for a chronic insomniac this is HUGE!!), sleeping deeply, quite severe indigestion/heartburn, peeing every few hours in stead of a few times an hour, body temp differences feel more extreme… hoping things level out even more soon!!

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