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I identify with sunnydae’s “freedom and fear”! I’ve been on a 2 year long food adventure, trying at different times gluten-free, paleo, and low carb. In desperation I began counting calories (again) before giving that up. Nourishing Traditions and Eat Fat, Lose Fat showed me honest saturated fats aren’t the bad guys.

This weekend I’ve enjoyed eating to fullness. And icecream and crisps and chocolates, as treats. And bread! I love carbs; I’m pleased to have permission to eat them and not feel guilty. I began to include nutrient dense foods as much as possible about 5 months ago, and as a result, my nails are long and strong again – for more than 15 years they have been weak and delaminating.

I struggle with choosing to eat the preservatives and non-foods that make up processed food, although, that mental wrestling sets up stress and perhaps its more that stress than the food that messed with my metabolism! A constant “I don’t know what to eat”.

I recently discovered the cause of our 2-years-and-counting infertility . I bought a $10 ebook on solving infertility problems by tracking base basal temperatures – my body temp is too low :( I didn’t agree with the suggestion my iodine intake was too low (I get plenty, thanks Himalayan sea salt!) but the ‘hypothyroid’ idea got the ball rolling. I avoid practitioners as much as I can and did a Google search for ‘low body temperatures and fertility’ which took me to a guest blog Matt did, which brought me to his book Diet Recovery.

God Bless Matt!