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Thank you neeny meeny; I didn’t know that about nasty fluoride! In fact, I believed if you boiled the water it evaporated the added chemicals :(

Since I’ve just been eating the food (incl my craving for salted caramel icecream I made yesterday for breakfast this morning :D) my hands and feet have not been cold, in more than 3 days! Body temp up to 37C this arvo, my fingertips are on fire! Wish I’d known about this in all the years I practiced beauty therapy…my poor clients during bikini waxing!

I tracked for a few months initially to find out when I ovulate, around day 18. I decided to track to check it again this month and take a break from baby making, which is when I discovered low temps. I find tracking reduces the stress for me, especially during the ‘2 week wait’. If the temps go down before end of cycle, I know my period is coming and I’m prepared xx

I was given a promise/prophesy 2 years ago that we would have another child, which turned me 180 degrees! We had tried a few times after Miss 9 was 2 years old but I found it stressful and put my foot down that we wouldn’t have another. God never sneaks news up on you though – He’d been introducing me to the idea over a week before He said “You will have another child”, followed up with “Your body is a temple”. So while I’ve been a bit grumpy with Him for the promised baby not being here yet, I love that I’ve been taken around the mountain to understand I need to treat my body with kindness and love :D

Thank you for sharing, Michelle xx