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Heatheriv: how’s it going 4 months later? Still happy with Mirena?

I’m on the verge of getting one despite strong reluctance. Here’s why:

1. the fail rate & convenience appear to be unrivaled apart from other IUDs or my man getting snipped – which he can’t afford anyway. I hear ya – condoms suck, diaphragm sucks, spermicide sucks, withdrawal reduces intimacy.
2. little to no periods! I’m in my mid-40s and menorrhagia is an increasing nuisance as I approach menopause. Long term herbs have not helped, and the non-hormal options (ablation, eg) are no more convenient.

I was on/off low dose pills in my 20s & 30s, with few side effects, but I wanted to know the real me and swore I’d never put levonorgestrel in my body again. Turns out that the real me can be a pain in the a##. If the price of convenience and peace of mind is the mystery of what is me vs. a pharmaceutical, I think I can pay that price.

My naturopath says most clients love it, and those that get it removed do so for comfort, not systemic reasons. I think the horror stories (which are numerous) on the internet are categorically biased.

Thanks for your feedback.