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I have been doing RRARF for about a month. I wouldn’t say I have been aggressive with refeeding however, just eating fully to appetite and eating exactly what I am craving.

I spent my twenties obsessing about staying thin through exercise and diet, was usually a vegan but also dabbled with restricting carbs. I cut out all or most sugar and generally ate sugar free for years with only an occasional “treat”. I’ve never been overweight, usually fluctuate between 54 and 58kgs (around 120-130lbs).

For the first week of RRARF I ate a lot, 3 large meals per day and 2-3 snacks. However, my appetite dropped significantly after about 5 days (this coincided with TOM so that is probably a factor).

I noticed an immediate improvement in terms of energy level, increased motivation, better mood fromm upping my starches and even eating sugar.

I haven’t taken my temperature but I can tell I feel warmer and actually sweat (I didn’t before!).

I didn’t have the usual PMS symptoms this month. I felt a bit withdrawn/antisocial but didn’t feel irritable or anxious.

I have gained 3 kilos, but am not worried at all. It feels different to other episodes of weight gain I’ve had, seems more all over with a lot in the boob region! NONE of my bras fit anymore. I bought a new one in a bigger size and that is still too small! I may now be a C cup at the age of 34, having always been an A/B. My 16 year old self would be so happy for me :D Sorry if that is TMI, but my inner teenager is happy :D