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The Real Amy

I think this is the sort of situation where you should research all of the short-term and long-term risks and decide what you are comfortable with. Including all the medical literature that comes with the procedure, which is usually pretty informative.

I think one reason a lot of people on this site are down on hormonal forms of BC is because 1) they have had negative experiences, as Stephanie points out, but also 2) because a lot of doctors don’t explain the risks and people are blindsided because they thought they were on something really safe.

I was on the pill for years and thought I was doing “well” on it until I came off and went through literally hell getting off and also realized some issues that had been caused by the pill that I’d had no idea all along. None of this was ever explained when I was a teenager going on the pill, I had no clue it could be an issue to come off or that I shouldn’t be on it for 15 years nonstop, and I also wasn’t told the longterm effects like increased risk of breast cancer. Maybe I should have done my own research but I was a teenager and as a minor I think it was on the doctor to explain this stuff. I think even with adults, doctors have a responsibility to thoroughly discuss risks, but the usually don’t in my experience.

I don’t doubt that bc pills or mirena could be a viable option for some but they all have risks and it’s important to be aware of and comfortable with them.