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In the spirit of 180d I think we all just want info and to fight ignorance and dogma, whether pro or con on hormones.

I found the website helpful. I looked up microgram amounts below for a comparison with other products, and I will see if my insurance covers the lower dose IUDs before going with Mirena. I think my theory RE digestion affecting net absorption might just be a theory.

6 ug levonorgestrel Jaydess IUD, lasts 3 yrs
14 ug levonorgestrel Skyla IUD, decines to 5 ug after 3 yrs
20 ug levonorgestrelMirena, declines to 14 ug after 5 yrs
30 ?g levonorgestrel (UK: Norgeston, Bayer; AUS, RU: Microlut, Bayer)
75 ?g desogestrel (UK: Cerazette, Loestrin; RU: Cerazette, Organon; Lactinette, Richter Gedeon)
100 ug levonorgestrel / 20 ug thinyl estradiol Lessina Tablets