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Hi Arual, I am not an expert on teeth & cavities. I have been doing a lot of reading myself since my last visit to my dentist. She told me I had 4 little cavities. Since I have been eating a wap style diet & was taking fclo regularly, I was in shock & barely heard the rest of what she was saying. When I got home I ordered the butter oil even tho I eat lots of butter from grassfed cows. I almost bought Cure Tooth Decay but didn’t. In case you haven’t heard of it he wrote that book because of his daughters’ constant problems with tooth decay. He ended up taking them off grains, which helped them. I didn’t go that far & I haven’t been back to the dentist yet so I’m not sure if I have been successful with my teeth.

I have also read that cavities can happen when you don’t get the minerals you need or your body doesn’t use them properly for whatever reason. I really hope your children don’t have root canals. I have read about some supplements that remineralize teeth. I haven’t tried them but I want to. I figure it couldn’t hurt. Best of luck in figuring out what your children need. I have also read raw milk is good for teeth.