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Hannah Ransom

Aedine, if you live in the US the only ones available are Mirena, Skyla, and paragaurd (non-hormonal, speaking of which, is there a reason you don’t want the non-hormonal one)?

StephanieMichelle, you may have meant temping/charting, but those studies and other things you site DO NOT. It’s not about this site being down on hormones, it’s the fact that for the most part women are completely uneducated about what their options are in terms of birth control and what the side-effects are of each method. It’s really important to realize that these methods are all grouped together and no one really knows how to distinguish them in writing.

Overall, anecdotes are relied on WAY too much and most women have no clue how effective their birth control methods are or even what the effectiveness rating means if they do know.

Pregnancy v. hormones doesn’t really make sense to compare, since one does not necessarily exist without the other. There are other effective birth control methods. I have never used hormones and never been pregnant.

Re: teens.
There is so much that goes into this I don’t even really know where to start.
1.) Hormones are even more detrimental to teens than older women
2.) When we teach teens to be irresponsible with birth control they will be.
3.) A lot of teens that get pregnant it’s due to a subconscious desire to get pregnant/get someone pregnant, because they don’t have plans for their life or feel trapped, because they are NOT fully informed of their options and if they don’t like on thing they just figure they won’t use anything. Just teaching young women about their cycles but not necessarily for birth control can help immensely.

I think it’s smarter to teach self-respect. Also, condoms. I am disgusted by so many birth control information sites only mentioning condoms as an after-thought for things like party hook-ups. Pregnancy is not the only thing that is a negative consequence of unprotected sex.

Anyway, sorry for the rant.

I think you just have to decide what’s right for you and be well informed. Read studies, check out the numerous mirena lawsuits, actually read the package insert (not that that is necessarily reliable). The fact is, none of this stuff has been around long term and we really don’t know all of the long term effects.