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Rami Nagel’s (I feel like that’s spelled wrong but I don’t know where the book is) answer to curing tooth decay isn’t as simple as removing grains, in fact his family eats white rice semi-regularly. It’s been a while but I think his major factors were keeping blood sugar stable and mineral ratios in the bloodstream correct, both of which he says are easier with fewer grains and sugars. The other very important factor according to him is minimizing consumption of phytates, ie only eating grains that have been very carefully prepared or that have had the bran removed. Oh, and of course making sure the body has adequate resources to work with, very similar recommendations to WAPF re liver and seafood and raw milk as nutrient dense nutrition.

I bought the book when my son started showing decay on his front teeth before 18 months old and it was a very interesting read. I didn’t take away much that was usable to me though. There’s no way I’m going to get my son to eat the recommended diet in Cure Tooth Decay without causing an incredible amount of stress for all of us (and I’m highly suspicious of outright failure with that much stress placed around food). He has never had a strong appetite (except for breastmilk, that was his primary fuel for far more than his first 6 months) so now, he’s three at this point, I’ve just been trying to figure out what it is that he wants to eat, ANYTHING, and get him that so he can just eat the food. I guess I’m hoping that given adequate caloric intake his body will stop cannibalizing minerals from his teeth and go back to building them. I haven’t seen any change in his teeth, they may be too far gone, but he did overcome a 6 month weight stall and SHOT up in height at the same time.

We’ve had raw milk off and on over the last year and while I can’t say I noticed anything from it, *I* sure do feel better when that’s what he’s drinking. :) We’re going to finally have a consistent source starting next week so I’m pretty excited about that.

I’m sorry I don’t have any good answers for you, but you’re not the only mom wondering why her children’s teeth are decaying so early. I REALLY don’t believe it’s lack of brushing; we as a species managed to keep our teeth for a whole lotta generations before anyone decided that brushing your teeth every day was necessary. I just wish I knew what it was and more importantly wish I could stop it. Try not to feel too much guilt, it sounds like you’re doing the best for your children that you can with what you have available and guilt does no one any good.