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I realize that this thread is about 4 weeks old, but I just thought I would share with you what I have found.

I was diagnosed with atopic eczema about 8 weeks ago. I used the steroid cream to get rid of my red/itchy/dry patch.

1. Many people have food allergies or sensitivities associated with their eczema. Many of my friends suggested that I cut out dairy first, apparently many of them found relief from doing that.

2. Many people are actually sensitive to their soaps. I switched to Alaffia Everyday Shea Butter Unscented body wash. They apparently have products for babies. I find their body wash to be soothing. It may be the laundry detergent you are washing his clothes with or it may be your dryer sheets/fabric softener. You want everything to be unscented. You might try just washing his clothing with vinegar and put on an extra water rinse to be sure there is nothing irritating in his caps.

I started a thread on another forum, I hope its ok to post the link here. Btw, I’m RapidBreath. I don’t really care who knows that I do Cathe workouts.

What is working for me is

1. In the AM: Shower in cool water, not hot, short showers. Don’t want to get too dry. I’m using Dove Unscented under my arms (sorry, everybody needs to wash there.) and then the Everyday Shea gel everywhere else. I even use it to shampoo my head.

2. Then I moisturize as soon as I am dried off, within 5 minutes of the shower. I use the psorezma cream by derma e where my rash had been and Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion everywhere else.

3. If I’m feeling dry throughout the day I use more lotion.

4. At night before bed I use the Ojas Itchy spray where my rash had been and following up with more lotion once that dries.

I haven’t had the rash return yet. I am also taking some olive leaf and drinking a tbsp of olive oil/lemon juice. I saw a video that suggested this. I don’t think that would be ok for a baby.

I’ve heard good things about coconut oil as a lotion, shea butter (I would get the organic 100%, not the cheap garbage for a baby.) does help my skin feel really good.

The ojas spray may not be ok for a baby, you would want to check their website. I find the smell to be a bit strong, so you may not care for it.

Alternatively to the ojas, you can take shea butter, melt it down, and add a little peppermint oil to make a soothing topical ointment that would not be toxic to your baby. Or you could make it with the coconut oil, which is cheaper than shea butter and edible. I buy the food grade pepper mint oil and add just a couple of drops to the oil, mix it with a spoon or a whisk, wait for it to cool down and apply to his skin and see if he feels better. The peppermint helps with the itching.

I think based on what you describe, that he has what is called Cradle Cap.