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The Real Amy

Yeah, I agree on the calories. It doesn’t sound like starvation or anything for sure, but you may be a bit under where you need. Do you still feel hungry or unsatisfied? It also seems like you may be a bit orthorexic still. All of your meals are very WAPF-approved sounding. It’s ok to add a little dessert 1 meal a day or have some refined flour once a day or every other day. In fact, when I was recovering from my eating disorder I had to work in a treat I liked (in my case something like animal crackers or pita chips or some cookies) every day. Just making sure you are really enjoying your diet, and that it’s not just very regimented.

How did you eat while growing up? You may want to try working back to that a bit. I am also a big fan of organic food, but there is definitely some room to open up your diet a bit. I do advise continuing to listen to your hunger signals in terms of amount of food (I assume your ED recovery involved getting back in touch with your hunger signals) and would not encourage force feeding or anything like that.

Agree that beverages with calories (like whole milk or juice) can be helpful eaten with meals for adding a few calories.