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Fellow recovering anorexic/ortho here. I agree with the above regarding the amount and I have to say your menu seems heavily orthorexic to me, not just slightly. I suggest you up the cals but more importantly, start by going to Walmart or similar chain store and buying mainstream everything. No more grass-fed and sprouted and wild and avocado on everything. Go to McDonalds. Use regular old salt. I’m not saying almond butter and raw milk cheese cannot be consumed ever again but I do think you need to throw this stuff out for a while. You like oatmeal? Buy the pre-mixed flavored packets and add some Mrs. Butterworth’s maple syrup. Instead of Larabar, have a Snickers bar with Coke. Throw out the organic apples, save yourself some money, and have an apple fritter donut from Dunkin.

In my opinion, the state of being weight restored from an ED but still hanging on to such rigidity is the worst of both worlds. You don’t get the comfort of having the frail body (one of the “payoffs” for me) but you are still stuck in food jail and you aren’t able to really live. With the way you’re eating, I have a feeling your life still pretty much revolves around your food schedule. How could you possibly go out to eat with friends of have a day of spontaneity if you need regular access to sprouted bread and organic almond butter? For those of us in recovery from a restrictive ED I think Matt’s guidelines are great but I think the most important thing is to throw out the rules and not worry so much about what will increase/repair metabolism. You might look at that later but clearly right now your issue is rigidity, and the last thing you need is a new set of rules and restrictions.