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The book already says what you should do… eat the food. There is no meal plan. All foods are okay. Chocolate. Carbs. Cookies. Sugar. Fat…

The thing is to eat whatever you want, to full satisfaction. Listen to your body, it will tell you what you need. Focus on getting enough calories in (female, I would guess somewhere between 2200 and 3000 calories, based on activity level).
Focus on getting enough salt, don’t drink too much fluids, and let your body first repair itself from all the damage you have dealt it with dieting all over the place. (Which I assume, sorry, since you are a woman. And well… most women have done this, so have I). And just enjoy the food.

At first, you will eat a lot. And it won’t be all pretty too. But it’s what your body and especially your mind needs. When the fun of fastfood starts to wear of, you will start craving normal food (with a cookie or icecream here and there, just as normal people do).

Have fun!

PS. There is no book with meal plans. This is not a diet…