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Hi rachel, was just wondering how you’re feeling after another week. I wouldn’t expect your temps to be stable yet, your body is putting all its energy towards making a baby, not repairing itself. But I hope you are seeing at least some improvements!

My temps have improved and I’m pretty consistently at 98.1 during the day unless I’m either hungry or I’ve been too active in which case it drops. Symptomwise, I’ve seen huge changes over the last 8 months so I know there is hope. And on the plus side, I’ve got the pregnancy to blame for weight gain. No one one would dare telling this pregnant lady she needs to lose weight! :)

StephanieMichelle, you’re making me sweat just thinking about being in the heat all pregnancy. The only time I’ve worn a coat this winter is when the temperatures were below freezing, the rest of the time long sleeves have been enough and yesterday I was even out for a while in short sleeves in 38F and it felt nice. I think I would have melted being in late pregnancy during the summer.