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Hey mmmfood,
Sorry for your struggles, it’s very difficult when family doesn’t support you.

As for a doc, there is Dr Garrett Smith ( He is an ND (naturopath), as opposed to an MD, but that might be sufficient for your parents… The reason I recommend Dr Smith is because he and Matt recently wrote a book together so he’ll definitely be in line with Matt’s philosophy. He’s in Arizona, but he does distance consultations via Skype. If money is an issue, you might just show your parents the book he wrote with Matt to show a doc supports these ideas.

If you want someone local, a naturopath (ND) might be a bit more likely to be open to Matt’s ideas. Or you could also look for an MD that practices functional medicine (when doing a search you might also type in the terms holistic or integrative).

Not exactly sure what kind of diagnosis your parents are looking for and from what type of doc (psychiatrist? Endocrinologist?). A traditional MD likely is not going to tell you to Eat For Heat unless you’re anorexic.

You can also point out to your parents that you ate their way for years and clearly their way of eating was not sufficient because you were still sick. Do your parents know that even though you aren’t completely “cured,” that you do feel better than you did 6 months ago? Have you been taking your temperature periodically- an increase I’m temp could provide some evidence for you.

Also, there was another person posting about difficulties with her parents- her mom did not approve of her weight (and I think threatened to kick her out if she didn’t lose weight). I know a lot of people responded with comments/suggestions, but I think that post was on Matt’s blog as opposed to the forum. The blog is now taken down- but you might ask rob (Matt’s assistant) if he still has the post with the comments for you to check out.

Good luck! Hope some of this was helpful, or at least gets the ball rolling.