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Hi Matt!

Your newsletter was great, I loved the article about hypoglycemia and how it is often misinterpreted even by doctors. I am the rare person with too low blood sugar and wanted to ask your opinion what might be causing it since my endocrinologist was clueless.

I suffered from amenorhea for a year after very strict contest prep diet (recovering now, and largely thanks to your books) yet all my blood tests were normal apart from glucose tolerance test. Before taking 75g of glucose, test showed that my blood sugar levels were normal but two hours later it was too low. And roughly three hours after those 75 grams I started to feel really bad – cold and shaking and incapable to focus.

I haven’t been able to find explanation to this phenomenon anywhere, most information is about elevated blood sugar levels. My doctor simply said that she won’t prescribe me metformin as it would lower my blood sugar levels even more but had no explanation why I reacted so poorly to the test. Perhaps, you have any ideas?