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I’m very interested in your upcoming hypoglycemia book. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with reactive hypoglycemia by an endocrinologist after a 5 hour GTT test that showed my blood sugar going sky high and then plummeting, then recovering a little when the adrenaline kicked in. I manage by eating half my weight in protein (60 grams) and my full weight in carbs (120 grams), divided in 6 meals per day. No caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or simple carbs in any form. It sucks. But I do it so I can stay calm and sleep through the night. However, I’m starting to think that this is more of a problem of too much adrenaline, that the blood sugar problems are simply a symptom of a larger endocrine problem. Low thyroid, maybe? Adrenals? Low cortisol could account for too much adrenaline, too. I feel like my life is in a holding pattern until I can figure it out – each day the 6 meals just serve as a bandaid. Thoughts, Matt? You seem to really get it.