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Hi Elocin,
Congratulations on your surprise baby! How are you feeling now? I too am pregnant (17.5 weeks) and got pregnant before loosing any of the weight I gained getting my metabolism and body healthy. I just got weighed at the doctor and I’m about the weight I was at the end of my last pregnancy. Scary but it’s what I needed to do to get pregnant so oh well! The baby is healthy and that’s all that matters. I too feel fat and want to cry often but I’m not going to restrict my calories or harm my baby in any way. I lost a lot of weight breastfeeding so I know that will happen again. Right now i just manage my stressed out feelings with deep breathing, acupuncture, and tapping (EFT) along with positive affirmations.

When I last skyped with Matt he recommended carbs for pregnancy (and non pregnancy too). I had a few consultations with him prior to getting my period back and getting pregnant and he’s awesome so if you’re concerned I’d definitely make an appointment with him.

As far as eating, I eat to appetite and drink water but not too much. I really didn’t feel well for the first trimester and ate mainly bread, crackers, cheese sometimes and ice cream. Sometimes I’d wake up hungry in the middle of the night and I’d have a snack of crackers and ice cream. I haven’t been as focused on my diet since for me getting pregnant signaled to me that I was healthy. I also don’t take my temperature. This is not what I think you should do, just sharing my own experience as I don’t want to stress out if my temps aren’t perfect- they were consistently good prior to pregnancy and I feel pretty good now. I eat a little differently now in my second trimester and crave red meat, cheese, salads and chocolate. I usually eat around 5-6 small/medium meals a day. This is just what makes me feel best. I eat “healthier” than when I was really focusing on eating a lot but I think it’s more what I’m craving and because I had a long time of eating pizza, ice cream and cookies.

I take supplements-Baby and Me Herb Free and a fish oil supplement.

All the best!