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@brainacid if you have a high metabolism and eat regularly, your body may wake you up like Matt Stone’s hummingbird to eat. Some people stress about peeing in the night or waking up. It doesn’t bother me because I sleep soundly the four hours (on both sides) straddling that wake-up. Babies take naps all the time and wake up regularly for body functions – they have super metabolisms. One could make a case that a person’s blood sugar is permanently too high due to muscle catabolism / fat burning if they can sleep completely through the night.

I keep my thermostat very high to limit energy loss due to just trying to stay warm at night. I’d rather my energy be used for healing or so I can sleep longer without needing exogenous glucose. People wonder how I sleep at high temps, but the body adapts. Most Europeans live without AC.

Anyways, if “its” working depends on your goals. I aim to maintain muscle mass, body temp, suppress acne / hair loss and keep optimal hormone levels. Muscle mass / body fat are easy to examine. Body hair and ear hair are easy ways to monitor hormone imbalances. Temperature I try to always stay above 98 and a pulse rate around 70 – 80.