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I’m in a very different place than you are so this may not be helpful but just in case I thought I’d share my experiences with “restless legs.”

I’ve had it for years and it cropped up sporadically with no rhyme or reason that I could detect until after seeing a comment by Matt on a blog post. Restless legs for me is VERY closely correlated with a rich dinner and insufficient fluid to counter balance it. If the balance is off enough I can’t even sit down in the evening. So I’m trying to eat my fattier/heavier meals earlier in the day and lighter meals in the evening now with more fruity cobbler/pie kinds of desserts than ice cream/cake kinds.

I don’t know what quantities of fat your introducing and how but I wonder if starting out with small amounts just in the morning and increasing slowly might help give your body a chance to adjust.

I hope someone else has some suggestions for you as mine was really a stab in the dark, best of luck to you in your search for answers!